Tennis Racquet with 5mm Enamel Tennis Ball

This is a great addition to our Tennis Collection line.  The small tennis racquet comes with the 5mm enamel tennis ball in either a bracelet or Necklace.  It Features a tennis racquet that measures approximately 5/16x1".   I.5mm cable chain is used to make up a total of 7" length (bracelet), or 16"(necklace).  In either case, you have a choice of 18kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver with Yellow Enamel Tennis Balls or Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver with Green Enamel Tennis Balls.  Purchase the set at a discount!


  • Tennis Racquet size: 5/16 x 1"
  • Material: Sterling Silver .925
  • Finish: Rhodium or 18kt Gold
  • 5mm Enamel tennis balls
  • Total Length: 7 inches or 16 inces