Our Process

Rhodium, 14Kt Gold and 18Kt Gold Plating Process

All of our jewelry is cast in either 1)Sterling Silver 92.5% pure(.925), 2)Fine Silver 99% pure(.990), or 14Kt Gold 58.5% pure(.585).

All of our Sterling Silver pieces are plated with either Rhodium for a Bright Silver finish or 18kt Gold for a very rich Yellow Gold finish.  This means there is a finish put on top of the Sterling Silver.  This adds a significant cost to our jewelry making, but we think its important to increase the life of the piece.

Rhodium is one of the rarest and most valuable precious metals.  At this moment it is significantly more costly than gold.  We use a thicker rhodium (.2mic) plating to keep our sterling silver a bright white silver with a protective layer for tarnish resistance. 
We are proud of the quality and thickness used in our plating process for both rhodium and 18Kt gold. The result is that the jewelry does not tarnish and it keeps it’s shiny look for a longer period of time. 

Our 14Kt and 18Kt gold plated sterling silver also has 1 micron of gold plating, giving the jewelry a long lasting beautiful look. 


All of our jewelry is designed in Florida.  All of the Enameled pieces are hand painted and kiln fired by Margaret.  Margaret is capable of working every aspect of a finished piece from design, wax carving, casting, fabrication, simple stone setting and enameling. 

Nature Inspired Collection

All of our “Nature Inspired Collections” are handmade by Margaret. The enameled pieces are all cast of fine silver (99% pure), hand enameled, kiln fired several times, hand sanded with diamond files, and then polished.