LE Enameled Sun and Seas Heart Pendants

These are substantial art pieces.  The Sun and Seas Heart Pendant weighs approximately 20gms prior to enameling.  This is 20gms of 99% pure silver.  The heart measures 40.5mmx40mmx3.4mm (1.5"x 1.5").  The Limited Edition piece is out of 100 and comes with a certificate of authenticity.  They will come with a 2.0 rubber cord  that is 24inches.  These are individually hand enameled layer by layer and kiln fired to 1430 degrees F.  They are finished with hand sanding with special sanding sticks that sand glass, 10 grits are used to level the enamel, and hand polished.  Each piece will be unique and colors will vary.   100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Glass enameled
  • Limited Edition
  • Cast in Fine Silver 99% pure
  • Comes with a 24" 2mm Rubber cord