Enameled NWTO Logo Necklace

At the request of the National Women's Tennis Organization, StudioMargaret designed this Necklace to showcase the beautiful and creative new Logo.  This Necklace is 17" in length.  The Focal piece is cast in Fine Silver, 99% pure and has the purity marking on the back .990.  It goes through a lengthy glass enameling and kiln firing process, hand sanded with up to 10 grits of sand paper specific for glass, and finalized with a metal polishing.

Glass Enameling is the process of bonding glass to metal, it is usually done on a precious metal.  In this case it is "fine silver"virtually pure silver .990.  It hangs between a 1.5mm rhodium plated sterling silver cable chain.  The total length being 17"

Each piece is hand made by Margaret and takes several hours to complete.  As a member of the NWTO, Margaret feels that this organization has provided an opportunity to make friends and associations for a life time.  For that reason, she accepts the opportunity to give back to the NWTO whenever it is possible.

  • Size of the Focal: 14x44x2mm (approx 1/2x1.8")
  • Enamel: Glass and Kiln fired
  • Material:  Fine Silver .990 or 99%
  • Length: 17"