Enamel 2-d Tennis Ball Collection


The 2-d Tennis Ball is cast in fine Silver .990 pure.  It measures 12.35mm in diameter by 1.6mm thick.  It comes in many forms: 1) lever back earrings, 2) pendant, 3)bracelet, 4)charm, and 5) 3-Ball vertical Pendant.  Purchased as a set is also available.


  • Material:  Fine Silver .990
  • Enameled and Kiln Fired 1430F
  • Colors:  Pink or yellow green
  • Single Pendant: Comes on a 16" 1.5mm cable chain
  • 3-Ball Pendant: Comes on an 18" rubber cord
  • Single Ball Bracelet: The Ball is centered between 1.5mm cable chain 7"